Leaning in

Thanks for joining me!

I’m Kathryn, first time blogger but longtime writer. I have a Doctor of Philosophy, studying policy in early childhood education in Australia. My career progression and projection looked assuredly towards academia. But funnily enough, it’s not really where I’m headed at all right now. I’m an academic mutineer.

Instead, my life centres around the practice of unschooling, with my partner and three young children.

Unschooling is considered quite unconventional. And I guess it’s no surprise then, that I was intrigued with the idea because I’m no stranger to unconventional decisions. Choices that have nevertheless been life changing.

One of those life changing decisions occurred when I was pregnant with my first baby. My partner and I looked into lots of stuff to prepare for parenting. As it turned out, homebirth was the thing for me, because I could see that modern medical practices had taken birth away from women. So I opted out and stayed at home.

And quite simply, our baby was born, in our small apartment bedroom, into the warm water of the birth pool and into my arms. We slept together, in the same bed, right from the start. We breastfed to term, meaning for my first-born, nursing finished up at around five years old. We listened to and respected our child.

Then we had more babies at home. More sleeping together, in lots of beds, in different configurations.

And as time drew on, our eldest became school age. And those whispers in my head became louder and we were faced with the next decision. Again, it was life changing. We decided to Unschool.

So here I am. Academic mutineer. Mother. Partner. Practicing Unschooler. Thinker. Writer. Beginning blogger.

Think of yourself as not merely faced with decisions to which you must react, but as being proactively at choice. And when a decision is difficult, consider what you are agreeing to with each choice, and what it says about the world you wish to inhabit.    – Ben Hewitt, Home Grown


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